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Staying in touch with friends and family is easy with WanTok Mobile, from across the Pacific Islands to the USA, France, UK and many more. And of course, to Australia and New Zealand – perfect if you are on the RSE or SWP worker programmes.

Simply download WanTok Mobile App and enjoy amazing calling and SMS features.

WanTok Tonga Mobile Service
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WanTok Mobile Key Features

Always stay connected with all your friends and family across the Pacific and beyond

Call, Chat and SMS to WanTok Mobile users. Extremely low-cost Calls and SMS to non-WanTok Mobile users

Call internationally for the price of a local call – ideal for those on RSE and SWP worker programmes.

Get a local WanTok number in Vanuatu and Tonga plus add up to 3 EXTRA international numbers on your existing smartphone

a LOCAL network just for you!

The Simple, Reliable and Affordable way to stay connected across the Pacific

WanTok Mobile gives you Calls, Chat and SMS, plus extremely low-cost international calls and SMS – to help you always stay connected with your loved ones – home or abroad!

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